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API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) / Concentration: Stanozolol 50mg/tab

Packaging / Presentation: 50mg x 60 in a Plastic Pot



Beyond media recognition, Winstrol is a very popular steroid among performance athletes. It’s not the most popular, but it remains high atop the list. The steroid is well appreciated in cutting plans such as those implemented by competitive bodybuilders or gym rats looking for a leaner harder look. The steroid is of course well appreciated by athletes who are looking for strength gains without unwanted mass, and it is highly effective.

Outside of performance enhancement, Winstrol has enjoyed a high level of success as a therapeutic agent. The steroid is well-known for preserving bone mass in the fight against osteoporosis and has had some success in combating muscle wasting. The hormone is also an excellent tool for combating long-term or overexposure to corticosteroids, it has had success in burn victims as well as in healing severe bone fractures. Surprising to many, Winstrol is also used in specific weight loss plans where severe hormone imbalances sometimes exist and has been highly successful in treating angioedema. The steroid has also been used for specific breast cancer treatment plans and continues to be used for all of the aforementioned cases today.


Winstrol Tablets Potency:

Winstrol tablets will most commonly be found in 10mg and 50mg size. In either case the same Stanozolol hormone is used; a good way to look at it is to call one Extra Strength. You can obtain the same identical results from either one; if you want to run a cycle that includes 50mg per day and all you have are 10mg tablets simply take 5 10mg tablets per day; its not exactly brain surgery here. However, many women will often find and prefer 10mg Winstrol tablets as this is a very convenient form, as 10mg per day is often the recommended dose for the female athlete.


Winstrol Tablets Purpose:

The Stanozolol hormone generally has two well-served purposes, increasing athletic performance and aiding the individual during a cutting cycle. This is a steroid that will greatly aid in increasing strength and this can be translated into physical power as well as speed. In-fact, this may very well be one of the most important athletic anabolic steroids ever created as it is perfect for this purpose and will not add a lot of weight; something many performance athletes of certain sports do not want. Further, Winstrol tablets have a much shorter detection period; they are only detectable for 3 weeks after use is discontinued whereas the injectable form is detectable for approximately 2 months.

The Stanozolol hormone is also an excellent addition to a cutting cycle and a favorite of many competitive bodybuilders for that purpose. The hormone can greatly add to the hardness of a physique as well as promote increased vascularity. It should however be noted, one must be at a lean state for this effect to be noticed; supplementing with a bunch of Winstrol tablets will not result in a hard physique if it is covered in a layer of body-fat.


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