Genesis Methandienone Inj 100mg/ml (Injectable Dianabol)


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Injectable Dianabol

The injectable version of Methandrostenolone is a C17-Alpha Alkylate meaning that it undergoes metabolic changes in the liver.

Both the oral and injectable forms of Dianabol cause liver toxicity.

The Injectable form of the drug works faster because when injected into the bloodstream, it bypasses the first liver filtering that occurs with the oral version of the drug.

Everything we eat is screened through the liver for toxicity. For some compounds, the liver changes the molecular makeup making them less toxic to the body or changes them into something that is easier for the body to use.

That process causes liver toxicity and if the dosage is high enough or the course of the drug is long enough liver damage occurs. A good example would be the long-term use of alcohol or drugs that result in cirrhosis of the liver.

Dosage for Dianabol

Injectable Dianabol typically comes in 50mg/ml so adjusting the dose is easier with the injectible than the pill form. Most bodybuilders have a dose that ranges between 20-40mg a day.

The drawback to using the injectable is that it often requires two injections per day. The half life of the drug in your body is 6-8 hours which means if you are training and working out twice a day you need two injections.

The duration of the cycle is usually 4-6 weeks with a 1.5-2 week break between cycles.

Injectable Dianabol vs Oral Dianabol

Both are fast acting, though because the injectable form does not filter through the liver on the first round, it is faster, if slightly, than the oral form.

Taken 45 minutes before a work out puts the drug at full effectiveness for the oral medication. The injectable is usually bio-available immediately to within a half hour for full metabolic use.


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